Final Exam Practical Activity

For the activity, I chose the first activity which was to write a letter to the chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education about my opinion on CIS0835 so they can chose weather to cotinue the class next semester or not.

Here it is:

Dear Intergalactic Board of Education,

My name is Kristie Masuyama and I am a student who recently took the class CIS0835. I am writing this letter because I do not want this class to be terminated. I strongly think this class should continue because the information gained from this class would benifit an individual in the future when the web, internet and other technology would be important in our daily lives.

First of all, every bit of information we went over in class is usefull in our daily lives. Since we go over past information on the web, internet and technology (such as the pioneers) and the current information, such as malwares and viruses, I believe this is a very helpful class which offeres knowledge on the web as a whole. By learning about the past of the technology, we can easily see the evolution of various aspects of the web and connect them with our knowledge and technology we have today. Also, by learning some current information, we can gain the knowledge on how to react when certain things happen to your computer or web. For example, I have learnt in class that malwares are very hard to get rid of but very easy to prevent. From this knowledge I gained in class, I can prevent my computer from being affected by the malwares so that I do not have to go through the difficult processes of getting rid of the malware.

Internet Privacy by o5com - CC Licensed via Flickr

Internet Privacy by o5com - CC Licensed via Flickr

Second of all, since the world is being a lot more dependant on the web, I believe it is very important to understand the different tools and applications that can be used in our favor. Although there are many different applications and softwares available on the web, it is hard to identify what is good and useful. However, by attending this class, I learnt how to use various applications such as GIMP to edit my pictures and make graphic designes. Before being able to use GIMP, I relied a lot on a internet photo editing page that is about to close down. Therefore, now being able to use GIMP, it made it a lot easier for me to make graphical designes on my own for class work and also for fun.

Lastly, I really liked the activities we did in class. Although I thought it might be a little too demanding for a general education class at first, after doing some of the assignments, such as the ds106 assignments, I found interest in the activities and I started to enjoy them. The assignments allowed me to discover new ways to use the internet and the computer; which was very fun and exciting. Since the assignments were very fun to do, it did not seem such a demand of work to me at the end. Also, I enjoyed the assignments mainly because I discovered new applications to use in the visual assignment category which I enjoyed the most. Therefore, I believe this class would be enjoyable and interesting for future students as well as it was for me.

 By taking this class, I gained a lot more information on how to use the web, internet and technology and many important points about the interenet that I would have not known if I did not take this class. Therefore, I am very thankful for the professor for teaching this class and I hope this class would continue next semester for other students who want to gain more knowledge on the web, internet and technology.

Kristie Masuyama


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