Daily Create 2

February 11th ~ February 17th

Confusion :S – Feb. 11th

Here’s today’s Daily Create 😀

Take a picture of confusion.

I personally think math is REALLY confusing and I really don’t enjoy doing math… ><

Yes, it did say “Take a picture” but since I’m not taking math this semester and threw away my math notebook from high school, I got it off of google. 🙂

My hand 🙂 – Feb. 12th

Here’s today’s Daily Create 😀

Today’s assignment is:

Take a photo that emphasizes the detail of a human hand.

This is actually a picture I JUST TOOK. So sorry for the messy back ground…I’m in the middle of the process of cleaning my room :S


Got tats? 😀 – Feb. 13th

Here’s today’s Daily Create 🙂

Today’s assignment is:

Got tats? Photograph your own or someone else’s cool tattoo.

Since I don’t have any tattoos, I couldn’t take a picture of myself…but I remembered that a member of my favorite K-pop group, 2NE1 had a fake tattoo in the music video of one of my favorite songs!! So here she is 🙂

I only found out it was all drawn on both of her arms (although you can’t see the right arm) after I saw their TV program called 2NE1 TV!! I was so surprised and amazed at the same time that it was all drawn on her!! 😮


Toy in action♪ – Feb. 14th

Today’s assignment for the Daily Create is:

Take a photograph of a toy in action.

Well, since I couldn’t come up with a proper “toy” in action, I decided to pick this 🙂

This is a picture I took during last year’s Christmas party that we hosted at our house 🙂 This is a Chocolate Fountain my mom and I found on sale at Franc franc and we tried it out with my friends 🙂

I know this is not a “toy”, but since it was really fun and enjoyable to eat, I decided to chose this 🙂


I’m still 18…but I feel so OLD!! D: – Feb. 16th

Hey guys 🙂 Here’s today’s Daily Create 🙂

Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel.

This is a point card for a certain brand I loved 2 years ago. I still have this because I think it’s cute but it brings me back memories (both good and bad) and makes me feel old at the same time…:S


Bird – Feb. 17th

Today’s Daily Create was to:

Take a photo of a bird today.

This is a picture of a cellphone strap of a character from Suzy’s Zoo 🙂


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