Hey guys 🙂 Here’s my 3rd ds106 assignment for this section 😀

For this one, I decided to do a Design Assignment because I’ve never touched on this section before 🙂 The assignment was called Design the cover of your autobiography and here are the directions:

Design (using any programs you want) the cover of your autobiography. What pictures would you include? What would you title it?
Make sure it really shows off who you are what you want your audience to see in you by the cover.

The Process:

First, I went to flickr to get the image for my autobiography cover.

This is a picture by Silverblack.

Then I went to picnik to edit my picture. I first used the Lomo-ish effect to strengthen the colors of the image 🙂

Then, I added the Soften effect as well 😀

Then, I went ahead and put my title and my name onto the cover 🙂

So, here’s my finished product 😀

The Story:

When I was looking for my picture, I first thought about using a picture of the sky. However, I thought that really didn’t show my personality. Since my friends tell me that my personality is fun and energetic, I wanted a picture with lots of colors in it 😀 (And because I just love color xD)

People might be thinking, “Well, why ‘Unexpected’ for the title?” The reason is because I’m not the typical Japanese girl. I’ve grown up going to an international school and I think I’m a lot more out spoken and crazy compared to the Japanese girls. (Although I may be shy in front of people I don’t know…)

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