10 Things You Need To Know About Today’s Facebook Privacy Changes…

Hey guys 🙂 Here’s a second blog post about another F.A.L.O Topic 😀

When I was looking for the best topic to write about, I came a cross an article called 10 Things You Need To Know About Today’s Facebook Privacy Changes. This article stood out to me because there are things about facebook that I have no idea about. Like the new layout called “Timeline” and some of the privacy settings my friends seem to have. Therefore, I thought this article was the perfect one for me to read and write a blog post about 🙂

So here are the 10 points you need to know about facebooks’s privacy changes 🙂

1. You Can Opt Out Of Applications

Facebook created a button that you can use to block all applications, games, etc. This means users no longer have to deal with application requests and spam on their wall from applications.

2. You Can Hide Your Friends List

One of the main upgrade is that the users’ friends list can be made private. This means that applications and other third-party developers will not be able to access your friends on facebook. Also, all friends can be made private. This can prevent people who find your profile through Google to access your friends. This upgrade would allow the users to have more control.

3. You Can Hide Your Interests

Since the facebook’s interests were recently shifted to a system called “Connections”, people’s profiles were largely shown on the new community pages. However, now, since we can make this private, people have a lor more control on who can view their profiles.

4. Much Information Is Still Public By Default

When users register for the site, a lot of information will still be public by defult. Although all new usrs will be able to customize their privacy setings so that their information is more private, facebook believes that more users would want to share more informations about themselves.

5. Instant Personalization Is Still Opt-Out

The main criticism facebook may get is about the new privacy settings and that the company’s “Instant Personalization” program is still opt-out. Even though they claim that opting out has become much easier, we haven’t had a chance to explore the new privacy settings yet.

 6. You Can Hide Information From The Past

You can do this by shifting your informationto “Friends Only” which can prevent previous status updates from being made public.

7. You Should Review Your Settings

You should check your settings frequently. This is because your information that was made public through facebook’s last privacy change can be made private (including your status updates).

8. Privacy Now Only Takes One Click

 Facebook’s private settings can be changed by one-click. By selecting “Everyone”, “Friends of Friends”, “Friends Only”, or “Recommended”, users can change their privacy settings easily.

 9. There Is Now A Single Directories Settings Page

The directory pages that the settings were on all boilled down into a new privacy directory page. This will control how (and if) people from Google, and within facebook search are able to access you. This also gives the users a lot of power on their profile.

10. Settings Will Be Rolled Out Over The Next Few Weeks

Users will be able to access the new privacy settings page. The new settings will be easier to manage and a lot more understandable.

These 10 points about facebook should help us keep our information safe from unknown users on the web.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things You Need To Know About Today’s Facebook Privacy Changes…

  1. tkko12 on said:

    i didn’t know about these changes!
    nice blog post 🙂

  2. I’m actually glad you blogged this, I forgot to set my ‘interests’ to friends-only.

    Much appreciated reminder to examine my privacy settings 🙂

  3. It might have been useful to mention that the article is nearly 2 years old so some of the information might be out of date. Still much of this is of general interest and remains relevant. I’m sure you’re not the only Facebook user who wasn’t aware of many of these items.

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