Neon Lights :)

Hey guys 🙂 Here’s my 2nd ds106 post for this section♪

This time around, I decided to do a Visual Assignment called Averaging Concepts using Flickr. The assignment was to:

Take a concept, one word, and plug it into Flickr and take the first 50 images and average them using Photoshop or similar program. Step by step instructions available at

The Process:

I went ahead to flickr to go chose my 50 images. When I had to chose my concept, I wanted something colorful so that the image wont just be a blob of gray or black image. Therefore, I went ahead and chose “Neon Lights”. So I selected 50 images that were colorful and portraying neon lights and saved them on to my computer.

Then, I used an application called Picasa to make my collage. First, I selected the 50 images I got for this assignment and put them into a collage.

Then I selected the Multiple Exposure effect

and it automatically created the final image for me. 🙂

The Story:

I really thought this assignment was interesting because I never knew you can create such an image with so many different pictures. What I liked about my finished product was that it included colors 🙂 I’m such a color freak (because I love colors) so I was happy the image wasn’t just a gray blob 😀

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One thought on “Neon Lights :)

  1. This is an intriguing visual assignment. One level, all of the averaged images seem to look very similar – like a piece of brownish fabric. But closer examination reveals some interesting shapes and patterns.

    I enjoyed reading the way you detailed your process and included screen captures. Well done.

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