Fan Fiction Picture

Hey guys 🙂 Here’s my first ds106 assignment for this section 🙂

Since I always stick to Visual Assignments, I tried to do an assignment from a different category this time around 😀 I decided to do a Fanfic Assignment called Fan Fiction Picture 🙂 I’ve always been wondering if I should do this one but since I wasn’t really familiar with GIMP, I avoided the assignment. However, since I had so much time today after class, I decided to give it a try 🙂

The Assignment:

The directions for this assignment was to:

Take the name or title of your favorite band, song, movie, or tv show and display it in the form of photography. You can take as many pictures as you want, but have your photos capture the band, song, movie, or tv show you pick. Be creative and have fun!

 I won’t tell you which band and which song I chose until I talk in “The Story” section so try and guss, and tell me if you got it write by commenting on this post for me!! 😀

The Process:

For this assignment, I tried to use GIMP. Since it was my first time using this application, I had a hard time making the final image. However, with the help of Keiko, I was able to finish the assignmnet.

So I first chose a grafiti picture off of flickr.

This picture is by Jaume Meneses. I chose this one because it showed the same kind of emotion that I got from the song’s music video.

Then, I went ahaid and chose 2 images of the artist.


Then, I cropped out the images from its original picture by using the “Free Select Tool” on GIMP. (I’m not going to lie, this was SO HARD to do…!! D: )

Then I opened the grafiti picture and pasted the two images on it. After that, I went to picnik and put the “Boost” effect on my image. Here’s the finished image!! 😀

The Story:

By using GIMP, I have to admit, it made my life so much harder…I wanted to just stop and print the 3 images out, cut and paste, and scan it so I it was easier. However, since my friend helped me, it actually turned out to be fun. Also I was happy I was finally able to use GIMP for my assignment 🙂

So to the song. I think it’s pretty obvious now that the artist I chose was my favorite, 2NE1. And the song is called UGLY. (You can see the video clip here.)

The song was  kind of hard to chose. I had so many choices to chose from. The reason why I chose this particular song is because I sang it at a live, because I liked the song, and because it was easy to show in a picture.

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2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Picture

  1. I really like this picture;)
    2NE1 and background fit together!!!!!

  2. I can appreciate the frustration you went with through with GIMP’s free select tool. It is a time intensive process. But I’m so glad you stuck with it – this is a captivating image you’ve come up with.

    Can’t say that I know anything about this band. But judging by their expressions, the band members certainly seem to have an attitude in the top picture.

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