So…What’s “Malware”?

Hey guys 🙂 As I was preparing for my talk for tomorrow, the first thing that came to my mind was “What exactly is Malware?”. And so as I was searching for articles to talk about, I found a perfect one. The article was titled An Understanding of MalwareI chose to talk about this one because it told me what exactly Malware meant and some tips about it. So here’s the information I got 🙂

Overall Information

Malware is a broad term used to describe any software that was created for malicious intentions. This can either damage the user’s computer and/or steal information that can be used to harm the user.

Some Malwares can cause serious problems to your computer and others will secretly steal information and send it back to the creator. Malware is difficult to remove, but quite easy to prevent. (I’ll talk about preventions at the end of this post 😀 )

Types of Malware

Computer Virus: This is the most common and widely known Malware.

A computer virus rewrites a part of a computer program and includes itself as part of the program. The irritating thing about a computer virus is that the virus can spread even though the program is not open.

Network worms

Network worms spread through unsecured computer networks. After they damage your computer, they are able to spread to connected networks and damage other computers as well.


This Malware I think is a very annoying one. This is because once it is installed onto a computer, it allows the creator to access the computer and every bit of data stored on it.


This type of Malware monitors some/all of the actions that your computer performs. (This includes keystrokes and mouse clicks too!!) They try to steal passwords and other valuable information and send it back to the creator.

 Sources: where do Malwares come from…??

Malware is most distributed through the internet. For example, some are an e-mal attachment and others can be downloaded through a hyperlink through e-mail. Another way is when it is directly downloaded from the internet. This can happen without you knowing it’s a Malware program because some claim to be an anti-malware program. Also, Malware can be transmitted through USB flash drives and other portable storage. The scary thing of this, is that it can instantly be installed when it’s connected to the computer!!

Removal of Malware

Removing Malware can be a difficult thing to do. This is because the already installed Malware can prevent you from installing any sort of antivirus or anti-malware software to remove it. Therefore, the best way is to search for symptoms on the internet and figure out what type of Malware is in your computer. This way, you might find some specific instructions on removing the Malware.

In removing Malware, it is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure you do not enter any new important information to the computer while it’s infected. If possible, you should disconnect your computer from the internet, just in case the infection grows. If you try all of the methods mentioned above and still can’t get the Malware removed, you must take your computer to a professional repair center or to reformat your hard drive.

Prevention of Malware

Although it’s hard to remove Malware from your computer, it is fairly easy to prevent them from coming in. The most basic step is to instal a good internet security program and avoiding dangerous files. HOWEVER, you MUST research and make sure the internet security program you want to instal is not a Malware. Also, you must keep the security software up-to-date because Malwares are developing everyday.

Another way or prevention is to avoid putting removable media into your computer unless you know where it came from. And remember, ALWAYS back up information and files incase you need to reformat your hard drive, because you never know when your computer would be the next victim of Malware.

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3 thoughts on “So…What’s “Malware”?

  1. It was great to listen to your presentation today, very informative and nicely done!

  2. tkko12 on said:

    I really enjoyed your presentation! 🙂
    It was easy to understand and I learned a lot about malware and how I can protect my computer!!

  3. Good job Kristie. I think it’s great that you wrote up your blog post prior to giving your presentation. It was clear that you were well prepared. And judging by what classmates have said, you shared important and valuable information.

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