I think I’m Ugly…!!

Hey guys!! 🙂 I wanted to share my experience I had I think about 2 weeks ago with all of you 😀

2 weeks ago, there was an event called LiVEJAM jamout vol.5 🙂 This is was an event hosted by the music school I attend, LiVEJAM. LiVEJAM is a music school made by my close friend’s father and is mainly for highschool students who want to learn and/or improve on their singing, guitar, bass, drums and composing skills. They host a performance for the parents by the students where they can show their family and friends their improvement once every few months; which is called the “jamout” 🙂

I have been attending LiVEJAM for about 2 years now and have improved my singing skills so much. Since I was one of the first students who came into the school, when I look at it now, the school has grown a lot and I am amazed at the number of students we have now.

Well, 2 weeks ago, as I said earlier, we had our 5th jamout at Ebisu!! 😀 This time, we did it in a live house called LIVEGATE. Since it was bigger than the usual live house we perform at, most of the students were nervous since the rehersal. The last 4 times I performed at the jamout, my highschool friends would come watch me however, since most of them were out of the country, 2 of my friends from Temple, Clio and Keiko, came to support me 🙂

Since LiVEJAM is a International-School-kids dominated music school, it is very rare to see people perform Japanese music and other genres. Even the few Japanese school students who attend LiVEJAM stick to singing American Pop songs. However, this time around, I really really REALLY wanted to sing a song by my favorite K-pop artist, 2NE1

I knew some of the boys would think I’m crazy because I’m not a native Korean speaker AT ALL and I think my Korean was terrible however, I just had to sing their song. When I was going through the list of their songs, I had to consider the fact that I was going to sing in a band. Therefore, I stuck to the song called “Ugly“.

Ugly is a song that portrays a feeling that almost every one felt at least once in their lives: rejection. I didn’t understand the meaning of this song until the Chorus of the song sang in English came into my ears.

I think I’m Ugly. And nobody want’s to love me. Just like her I wanna be pretty…I wanna be pretty!! Don’t lie to my face, tellin’ me I’m pretty!!

This should be an emotion that every one encountered at least once. 2NE1 sings this song of rejection in a style of rock. This contrast drew me in when I first heard this song, and therefore I chose this song to sing at the jamout 🙂

This song for me is not only a song I can relate to but this song was really fun for me to sing. Since it has an upbeat rhythm and a easy rhythm to jump to, I thought it would also be fun to sing this on stage to interact with the audience 😀

Well, I think the stage was a success and I had soooooooo much fun singing this song!! I really think this was my best performance because I got the best feed back from the audience (compared to what I got before…:)) They told me my outfit was “so 2NE1” and that it was my first time on stage I let go and conveyed emotion through my singing and my gestures 😀 It was such a great experience that I would never forget!! <3<3

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3 thoughts on “I think I’m Ugly…!!

  1. you were amazing!!
    mata i want to hear you sing xD

  2. wow do u hold these often.
    i would like to hear it!

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