We’ve found your match!! :D

Hey guys!! Here’s my second ds106 assignment for this section of the class πŸ™‚

Although I said I wanted to stay away from doing a visual assignment, I couldn’t stop my self from doing this particular one because as soon as I read the instructions, I already knew which picture to use.

The Assignment:

The assignment’s name was We’ve Found Your MatchΒ and here are the directions:

Take a picture of one of your closest friends and put it beside their celebrity look-a-like.

The Process:

I searched online for a site that can make collages but I ended up using an application called Shape Collage. This application is neat because when I selected the two images I wanted to use and clicked the Create button, it automatically made the collage for me.

The Story:

I chose to do this assignment because when I read the directions, a certain friend of mine popped up in my head with the celebrity look alike. My friend, I will refer to him as “Taku” in this post”, is currently a Senior in high school and we’ve been friends for about 5 years now. We used to be in the same band (both orchestra and a singing band) where he played the trumpet and the guitar.

The one thing that reminded me of him when I thought about this assignment was the fact that he was growing his hair pretty long and we were all wondering why. He said it was because he was too lazy to get his hair cut but we all thought it was because he wanted to look like a certain character in a movie that recently aired called BECK.

The reason why we thought was because one of the main character, who plays the guitar in this movie had long hair. If you put them side by side, he really looks like the certain character in the movie!!

The one one the left is the actor, Hiro Mizushima, who played the role in the movie and the one on the right is my friend Taku. The picture of Taku looks really good because it was taken at a performance for a music school called LiVEJAM that I attend as well, and the photographer who took this picture is really good at photography!!

They look alike, don’t they?? πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “We’ve found your match!! :D

  1. wow!!! they do look alike!!!

  2. reiby826 on said:

    I think i remember him from live jam. ahaha yeh they look like twins!

  3. Thanks for the tip on Shape Collage. I’m tempted to purchase the iPad version. I’ll play with the free desktop version first before deciding.

    I’m also very curious about the Live Jam school you link to. It looks like an impressive program they offer.

    It took me a while to realize you weren’t referring to the musician Beck but to a movie. And yes, there is a strong resemblance between your friend and the kid from the movie.

    • The Shape Collage was nice…but not the vest application I think 😦

      It’s a great school!! It’s really international and a fun place to be at πŸ™‚

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