Infographic Analysis

I’m so sorry my work is so late…I’ve been sick for so long that I only got to start this assignment this week end. Sorry if I don’t make much sense in the post…I just don’t feel my best 😦

Well, here it is 🙂

So my group decided to analyze this infographic!! I decided to separate the analysis of the two infographics into two posts because I thought it would be shorter 🙂

When we were deciding on which infographics we wanted to chose, there were a lot to chose from; but they all looked the same. However, when Roundhouse Slap (our group member) suggested this one, I instantly thought this would be great to analyze because it’s so different and interesting.

So this infograhic illustrates the different websites and how much they are active on the web daily. The certain countries represent their size on the internet.

The data they used for this infographic was gathered over the Spring and Summer of 2010 so I think  this is somewhat reliable speaking of size because the information was gathered recently.

Although there are sites I am unfamiliar of, the obviously biggest social networking site is Facebook. Then we can see different sites around it which are being used a lot recently such as Farmville, Youtube, Skype and Twitter. From looking at this whole entire map, I believe that the presenter/creator didn’t illustrate this for business purposes but just to have fun and see how active each site is. Not only they use major websites such as Facebook and Twitter, they also included many of the sites that I thought were gone such as Myspace. I also thought it was interesting how they included certain blogs such as Gossip blogs and Photo blogs in the map with the accompaniment of the “Sea of Opinions”. I just thought that was funny.

I really thought it was interesting how they actually visualized the whole information in the form of a map. They could have just made an ordinary infographic, but by being creative and forming a map, it really drew my attention.

Well, please keep an eye out for the rest of Group 1, KimchiPizza, HungTUJ and Rounhouse Slap for more of the analysis of the infographic!! ;D

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