2NE1 :)

Today’s Daily Create is:

Make a photo that represents something you aspire to do or be one day.

When I first thought about this, a K-pop group popped up in my head instantly. They are called 2NE1 (pronounced two-any-one), and they are my favorite K-pop group 🙂

*(Their “stage names” are (from left): Bom, CL, Dara and Minzy :D)*

The reason why I like them so much is because I admire and respect every aspect of them: their musical talent, fashion, physique, stage presence and performance. Since I perform music instrumentally and vocally, I really admire their presence and performance on stage!!

I didn’t chose them because I wanted to be singers like them however, I chose them because I respect and admire them as people. I think I look up as them as role models more than “a favorite band” 🙂

I can go on and on about them…so if any of you are interested, comment on this post and I’ll tell you their best songs and a little bit more about them!! 😉

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4 thoughts on “2NE1 :)

  1. your wordpress page is awesome and so is 2ne1

  2. I’d really like to know some of their better songs. I often find myself listening to J-Pop and K-Pop so it would be a good add to my ever growing 8000 song music library 😀

    • Okay…lets see…I totally LOVE every song they have but here’s a short list :]
      – Fire (that’s their debut song)
      – I AM THE BEST
      – Clap Your Hands
      – Ugly
      – I Don’t Care
      – IT HURTS

      *Remember to listen to all of them in Korean!! 😀 lol

      • Haha thanks! I’ll probably just end up downloading they’re whole discography like I do with every group. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure to listen to those first!

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